Treating Damp Walls

You’ve probably heard the saying "Prevention is better than cure". In this case carrying out routine maintenance to your property can save you thousands in the long run. Neglecting to keep up regular maintenance can result in structural deterioration. Penetrating damp is one of the most common issues effecting poorly maintained properties.

Causes of Damp

A sudden constant flow of water to an exterior wall over time can omit high moisture levels to the internal walls of a building. In the winter the extreme cold can prevent the outer brickwork to dry and become much cooler than the internal walls. Moisture is drawn in to the wall thus causing various
issues that can soon become fairly obvious.

Once penetrating moisture reached the internal walls it can cause a number of problems. Most notable effects are usually damage to the internal plaster. This can be in the form of cracks or the plaster may become loose. The
transmission of moisture to the internal walls can also cause condensation through the property.

Before Damp Dreatment

Damp treatment can cost thousands of ponds and often cause disruptions for the household for days or even weeks.  Before carrying out any expensive damp treatment, you should always rectify the source of the problem.


  • Defective or blocked gutters
  • Brocken or missing roof tiles
  • Defective brickwork and pointing
  • Defects to external rendered walls
  • Rotting external timbers e.g. door and window frames

Leaking Gutters

Leaking gutters can cause water to either cascade or splash on to exterior walls and possibly on to window cills. Gutters that are blocked with heavy vegetation growth should be dealt with as soon as identified. Some weeds have root long systems that may grow under the roof tiles eventually work their way in to the roof space. This root system can form a channel for water to travel and possibly enter the roof space. It may take months or even years for any moisture related damage in the loft to be noticed.

Gutter maintenance

Gutter maintenance involves regular cleaning (at least every 12 months) and checking for leaking joints. This is a simple task but if ignored minor issues may escalate and become much larger problems. To get your gutters checked and cleaned.
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